23rd & 24th September 2014
Rome, Italy

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Force Protection & Manoeuvre 2014

Future operational locations for land forces remain uncertain. As a consequence, it is vital that the capabilities in place can cope with varied operational roles and will enable mission success both safely and effectively.

Force Protection & Manoeuvre 2014 provides the land forces community with the unique opportunity to gain a clear understanding of future requirements and capabilities for protecting land forces.

Force Protection & Manoeuvre 2014 examines layered defensive methods to ensure force protection and freedom of manoeuvre for land forces.

Key Focus Areas:

  • Lethality and Defensive Firepower
  • Unmanned Air Systems & Unmanned Ground Vehicles
  • ISTAR & Integrated Defensive Systems
  • Base Defence and Security
  • Threat Surveillance, Detection & Localisation
  • Counter Rocket, Artillery and Mortar
  • Static Defence and Strike Survival